This is the updated sculpt for a Dota2 Windranger statue I am making. I thought this was the perfect time to get some critique before I finalise the design and get is printed and move into manufacturing. So please give feedback on anything you like or would like changed.


I have captured the pose and model directly from the game file (with a few tweaks from experienced archers) and have tried to add a level of detail and realism while keeping her character true to the game. I suck at dota but after several thousand hours I feel understand the game aesthetics and lore enough to take some liberties in adding details but if you think I've gone to far let me know (or not far enough).

The plan is to make high quality statues, cast in metal and aged with a beautiful patina. So geek and pop culture figures can be beautiful objects in their own right. Windranger will be approximately 150mm tall and available in a variety of finishes. There is also the possibility of being able to change out the bow for different ones and I could maybe offer a new design and an ingame version of it could come with the statue? I do not yet have permission from valve to manufacture these, but i figured the best way to convince them that I can make a high quality figure is to go ahead and make it. The plan is to make these available for around $100 but thats tentative at best.

Silver, copper and bronze, gold, maybe a black iron and a rusty steel are all possible but it'll come down to experimentation with different finishes and acids to create the patinas. There's still a lot of work to be done to make this a reality but it's getting closer now and zbrush etc is not really my area of expertise (I had help from my friend Jared Haley for some of sculpting) so moving on everything should get much easier. 

Thanks for looking, please let me know what you think.