What is Edred Industires? Well...

Edred Industries is a toy company with the main objective of making really cool and beautiful objects. Our major philosophy is to break down the status quo stereotypes of what a toy is and why it is not perceived as an art/design/fashion object. 

We embrace toys and games as an important part of life that is all to often forgotten and left behind. By breaking down the boundaries around what a toy is and how it is perceived we hope to bring toys (along with fun, laughter and joy) back into the home and work environment.

Utilising the latest in 3D and manufacturing technology we create quality items in noble and tactile materials for everyone to enjoy. We believe in growing creativity and problem solving on both sides of the digital/physical divide so expect "some assembly required". Ultimately we hope to educate and provoke thoughts on complex philosophical issues through stories and beautiful imagery. 

Current work station. I know only one screen! The sign is of course fake at this point.