Projects: Robots and Dota

Here's a brief look at a couple of projects I am currently working on.

Iron Duke: Prototype 01 - Construction and Security Robot.

The first is a fully poseable toy robot,  I'm still prototyping the joints and the design will most likely change before I start a production run. He will be cast in metal with rubber providing the friction in the joints.  He is part of a wider story I am creating that was going to be told through photographs of the final toys, but seeing how well the renders are turning out I'm wondering if I shouldn't just use them.

Redesigning the joint system after playing with the initial 3D print. Thanks Shapeways! 

Night Stalker: Dota 2 hero. 

Dota 2 Statues. So I play a lot of dota and I've been wanting to make some nice statues of various heros for some time. But I've always thought they would need to be injection moulded in a semi-translucent plastic with interchangeable items and an amazing paint job similar to what hot Toys do (i still want to do this, but maybe later). But then i saw the new in-game Effigy's and immediately thought it would be amazing if people could order their own personalised Effigy as a statue. So I've been developing a system that can take the in-game effigy and turn it into a high resolution 3D model ready for 3D Printing.

Preparing the 3D file.

By applying the in-game normal maps onto the low res mesh I am able to generate a high quality 3d mesh without any sculpting. Which can then easily be optimised for 3D printing, however because of whole process and the printing costs personalised statues would be very exspensive. But maybe a fixed range in a bronze cast finish? 

Night Stalker.

This is all just ideas at this point I have to get a prototype up and running and the aproach Valve to see if they'll let me first. I'm thinking Windranger would make a nice table statue?

More images for a better look

Another paint scheme.