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The Iron Duke is the first character I am creating from a much wider world in which oil fired steam is still the primary means of energy production. Named after the Duke of Wellington  the Iron Duke represents the pinnacle of modern technology and is the vanguard of the Neo Redcoat Army. But is he all his commanding officers had hoped?

The Duke will be high quality all metal collectible art work but still very much a toy that you'll want to pick up and play with. He will be available in a range of options with some limited edition extra parts and special paint jobs so follow me on social media to keep up to date.

Iron Duke aged white metal

Nightstalker DOTA2 3D Printing Files

Here are the 3d files for my nightstalker 3d print so you can print our own versions. The model and pose is taken directly from the game with extra 3D details projected on in zbrush. If you print your own version of Nightstalker please send me images, i want to see!

This version was printed at shapeways in their strong white plastic.

And a few images of the next project i am working on, Windranger. She is a much higher quality sculpture and will be printed at a much higher quality in multiple parts. The plan is to get her cast in pewter and potentially be available for sale. 

Just got this back from the printers :)

Just got this back from the printers :)




This is the updated sculpt for a Dota2 Windranger statue I am making. I thought this was the perfect time to get some critique before I finalise the design and get is printed and move into manufacturing. So please give feedback on anything you like or would like changed.


I have captured the pose and model directly from the game file (with a few tweaks from experienced archers) and have tried to add a level of detail and realism while keeping her character true to the game. I suck at dota but after several thousand hours I feel understand the game aesthetics and lore enough to take some liberties in adding details but if you think I've gone to far let me know (or not far enough).

The plan is to make high quality statues, cast in metal and aged with a beautiful patina. So geek and pop culture figures can be beautiful objects in their own right. Windranger will be approximately 150mm tall and available in a variety of finishes. There is also the possibility of being able to change out the bow for different ones and I could maybe offer a new design and an ingame version of it could come with the statue? I do not yet have permission from valve to manufacture these, but i figured the best way to convince them that I can make a high quality figure is to go ahead and make it. The plan is to make these available for around $100 but thats tentative at best.

Silver, copper and bronze, gold, maybe a black iron and a rusty steel are all possible but it'll come down to experimentation with different finishes and acids to create the patinas. There's still a lot of work to be done to make this a reality but it's getting closer now and zbrush etc is not really my area of expertise (I had help from my friend Jared Haley for some of sculpting) so moving on everything should get much easier. 

Thanks for looking, please let me know what you think.

Photogrammetry Exploration

Photogrammetry is a new way of taking a real object and creating a digital 3d model of it. The software uses multiple photographs of a subject taken from different angles to correlate the relative position of points on the subject, with enough points it can create an accurate digital model complete with the photographed texture. Having used a variety of 3d scanning hardware over the last 10 years this is the first method that has really spiked my interest as the level of detail and realism captured is phenomenal. Here are a few of my test projects to explore the software (Agisoft) and how to achieve the best results.  

First up we have a crab which I brought from the supermarket and had to scan quickly before it went smelly. Scanned in 3 parts, the Claw, the Body and the Leg, yea I only scanned 1 leg which is cheating I know but I was already getting discolouration on the top of the body from getting a bit old. If I was to do it again I would choose a crab that has no body hair as attempts to shave him were not very successful...

It's rendered in Marmoset which is an amazing bit of real time visualisation software, the web viewer doesn't have depth of field or displacement maps but its still incredible to be able to view objects in-browser. 

You can actually see more detail in the digital version than you can with the original and with macro-photography the possibilities for scanning small objects are endless.


Here you can see the software (Agisoft) has automatically aligned all of the photos (the blue squares) around the object.

3d Print and real claw

This is the original claw next to a colour 3d print from the digital file. The claw has faded and changed colour dramatically in the drying process and the colour 3d printing technology still has limited detail and non vibrant colours but its still really impressive and the printing is only going to get better and better. You can imagine capturing objects of scientific or cultural importance and being able to reproduce an exactly copy in case of loss or damage. 

Close up of the claw which is captured in a higher resolution than the other parts.

A dried rose which was an earlier test, it gives an almost hyper-real look.

jamie sculpt

This is a 10 inch bust sculpted by my friend and colleague Jamie Beswarick it was used as for an early test for the photogrammetry process, its success led me to explore it further.

As you can see the digital version of the sculpt adds a new dimension to it by being able to simulate proper skin luminosity.

Its very exciting technology, I'm still not exactly sure how to use it but I am expecting it will become more and more vital to be able to move freely back and forth between the digital and physical world.

Projects: Robots and Dota

Here's a brief look at a couple of projects I am currently working on.

Iron Duke: Prototype 01 - Construction and Security Robot.

The first is a fully poseable toy robot,  I'm still prototyping the joints and the design will most likely change before I start a production run. He will be cast in metal with rubber providing the friction in the joints.  He is part of a wider story I am creating that was going to be told through photographs of the final toys, but seeing how well the renders are turning out I'm wondering if I shouldn't just use them.

Redesigning the joint system after playing with the initial 3D print. Thanks Shapeways! 

Night Stalker: Dota 2 hero. 

Dota 2 Statues. So I play a lot of dota and I've been wanting to make some nice statues of various heros for some time. But I've always thought they would need to be injection moulded in a semi-translucent plastic with interchangeable items and an amazing paint job similar to what hot Toys do (i still want to do this, but maybe later). But then i saw the new in-game Effigy's and immediately thought it would be amazing if people could order their own personalised Effigy as a statue. So I've been developing a system that can take the in-game effigy and turn it into a high resolution 3D model ready for 3D Printing.

Preparing the 3D file.

By applying the in-game normal maps onto the low res mesh I am able to generate a high quality 3d mesh without any sculpting. Which can then easily be optimised for 3D printing, however because of whole process and the printing costs personalised statues would be very exspensive. But maybe a fixed range in a bronze cast finish? 

Night Stalker.

This is all just ideas at this point I have to get a prototype up and running and the aproach Valve to see if they'll let me first. I'm thinking Windranger would make a nice table statue?

More images for a better look

Another paint scheme. 

Edward Denton

Hi. I'm the founder and driving force behind Edred Industries. 

I'm trained as an industrial designer and have 8+ years experience working in the film industry at Weta Workshop. Some of the movies I have worked on are; Avatar, District 9, Elysium, Chappie, The Amazing Spiderman 2 and The Hobbit among many more. While there i gained a huge amount of experience in the design and whole manufacture process of a wide range of of different products. Swords, armour, sci-fi guns, spacesuits, a 3 metre tall robot, prosthetics, a 12metre Gollum and many collectible statues. Starting out as a 3d modeler and ending up managing whole projects, it was an amazing learning experience that has given me the skills i need to make pretty much anything.

Me wearing a prototype of the Green Goblin costume.

After 8 years its time for me to move in a new direction and to make new things.

Costume for the Green Goblin in The Amazing Spiderman 2

Me and Richard Taylor reviewing costume parts for Elysium.

I started out 3D modeling at 16 when a friend gave me a cracked copy of Photoshop on CD and it happened to come with 3d Studio Max. Since then I have moved onto engineering Nurbs modeling at university and recently more and more into Zbrush. 

3D model for the manufacture of a District-9 gun.

I've always drawn but combined with my practical skills I tend to always sit in the middle between designers and engineers, understanding both and trying to find the best compromise.

Digital painting done as part of a Paul Tobin workshop.

Between leh and Srinagar, India.

I've always loved to travel, the above photo was taken on a motorbike journey from Delhi up through the Indian Himalaya. For sport I do rock climbing, windsurfing and yoga.

Me climbing at Castle Hill, New Zealand. Photo by my good friend Lans Hansen, used without his permission.


What is Edred Industires? Well...

Edred Industries is a toy company with the main objective of making really cool and beautiful objects. Our major philosophy is to break down the status quo stereotypes of what a toy is and why it is not perceived as an art/design/fashion object. 

We embrace toys and games as an important part of life that is all to often forgotten and left behind. By breaking down the boundaries around what a toy is and how it is perceived we hope to bring toys (along with fun, laughter and joy) back into the home and work environment.

Utilising the latest in 3D and manufacturing technology we create quality items in noble and tactile materials for everyone to enjoy. We believe in growing creativity and problem solving on both sides of the digital/physical divide so expect "some assembly required". Ultimately we hope to educate and provoke thoughts on complex philosophical issues through stories and beautiful imagery. 

Current work station. I know only one screen! The sign is of course fake at this point.